Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Campaigning Update

Apologies for being so late in starting this page. Also apologies for the lack of proof reading on my Jury Team Blog entry.

So far the Jury Team as a group seems to gathering momentum. Initially trying to involve local media had been rather like pulling teeth!

My local paper, the Buckinghamshire Advertiser, should be running a piece tomorrow, let's see if the item makes it and, just as importantly, what page and how many column inches it gets.

Having contacted a few presenters at BBC Three Counties radio, I was hoping to get a positive response, as they are usually quick to present new ideas to their listeners, but they have not yet taken up my invitation to 'air' the Jury Team group.

I am finding that there people who still believe in the old adage 'never discuss politics, religion and sex', not such a bad thing I suppose, but I feel it does get in the way of opening mind to new concepts, I mean in the politics arena, of course

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